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Hamas terror tunnel discovered and destroyed by IDF in southern Israel

Reports come week after operation took place; Tunnel was 30 meters high with entrance into Israeli territory.


The IDF revealed that it discovered and destroyed a terror tunnel from the Gaza Strip into Israel over a week ago, a media ban placed for security purposes until now.

The tunnel, which was discovered entering Israel from southern Gaza, was neutralized by the IDF’s elite forces and Engineer Corps last week. The tunnel was reportedly 30 meters deep and similar to tunnels destroyed during 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

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During Operation Protective Edge, the IDF destroyed Hamas’s terror tunnel networks, destroying 34 tunnels. The tunnels were used for smuggling weapons and materials for creating rockets as well as for infiltration of terrorists into Israeli territory.

Hamas has been actively rebuilding its terror tunnel network, numerous intelligence reports and video footage of residents of southern Israel of Hamas militants digging along the border.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released video footage of the IDF neutralizing the tunnel, IDF Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner stating “The ugly truth is that Hamas continues to invest millions of dollars to build tunnels of terror and death. The tunnel uncovered in Israel demonstrates once more Hamas’ warped priorities and continued commitment and investment in tools of violence. This tunnel exposes Hamas’ abhorrent intentions to attack the men, women and children of southern Israel.”