Hamas releases music video calling to “wipe out Zionists” amidst violence and terror attacks | Behold Israel

Hamas releases music video calling to “wipe out Zionists” amidst violence and terror attacks

Video shows targeting of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers; Several attacks on Israeli civilians and on IDF soldier; Abbas claims Israeli responsible for increased violence

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Hamas released a music video calling to “wipe out the Zionists” Wednesday amidst several terror attack and attempts as well as increased violence mainly in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The music to the video is that of the popular Israeli singer Eyal Golan with the lyrics calling for the “soldiers of God” to fight the Zionist enemy, the video showing stabbing and suicide bombing scenarios targeting Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. The video opens showing Israeli leaders’ pictures being burned, followed by Israeli sites to target for attacks, including the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

There have been several instances of stone throwing by Palestinians at Israelis while driving vehicles in the West Bank Wednesday.

Wednesday morning a mob of Palestinians threw stones at an Israeli woman in the West Bank near the settlement of Tekoa. The mob reportedly attempted to open the car and pull her out to attack her, the woman kicking them away. A group of Israelis shot and wounded a Palestinian teenager in the mob, the IDF reporting that, “a group of Israeli citizens nearby saw the incident and fired at the attackers.”

In Jerusalem, an 18-year-old Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli man in the back and was shot by the victim of the attack. The victim and attacker were rushed to Hadassah Hospital after paramedics treated both at the scene.

And on Wednesday afternoon, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier and attempted to steal his weapon in Kiryat Gat, southern Israel. Israeli Police shot and killed the terrorist.

In an interview in Ramallah, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Israel responsible for the surge of violence and terror attacks, stating that the Palestinians did not strive for violence” or to “escalate the situation” stating that “the aggression against the al-Aqsa mosque and the worshipers lead things there. Abbas stating that the Authority is trying to control the situation before it “becomes worse”.

IDF and Israeli Police have been working in coordination to combat and prevent violence and terror attacks, Prime Minister Netanyahu announcing that security cameras would be installed through out the West Bank. Security is high in Old City Jerusalem with areas shut off and a high presence of border police and increased checkpoints.

On Wednesday evening, there was a knife attack outside of a mall in Petak Tikva. Three were injured, one hospitlized for moderate injuries. The terrorist was stopped by police force and civilians.