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Hamas chief of staff believed killed last summer confirmed alive

Deif believed to have been killed during Operation Protective Edge; Hamas employs over 1,000 in tunnel reconstruction


Dief’s “funeral” (EPA)

Hamas’s chief of staff, Mohammed Deif, who was believed to have been killed during this past summer’s Gaza operation, Operation Protective Edge, is alive.

The report, has been confirmed by both Israeli defense forces and Hamas, claims that Deif may have survived an Israeli Air Force airstrike on his Gaza home due to the a failed bomb detonation.

The IDF and IAF worked closely with Israel’s intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, to assistant the Hamas military leader. Three additional Hamas leaders were killed the day following the attack on Deif’s residence in Gaza.



A public funeral was held for Deif and two brigade commanders replaced Deif.

Hamas political Chief Ismail Haniyeh stated that, “The Israeli admission of the failed assassination attempt exposes the scale of the Israeli military’s frustration. The admission proves that Israel carried out war crimes that harmed civilians and United Nations facilities.”

The revelation of his survival comes with confirmed reports that Hamas is actively and quickly rebuilding its tunnel networks with a reported 1,000 workers working 6 days a week. Only two months ago footage surfaced of Israeli residents along the Gaza Strip