Hamas begins armed vehicle patrols on border with Israel | Behold Israel

Hamas begins armed vehicle patrols on border with Israel

Photos released to press show Hamas militants armed conducting frequent patrols on Israeli border; Reports come just one month after confirmed construction of possible tunnels near border

Hamas armed-vehicle patrols on Israel's border

Hamas armed-vehicle patrols on Israel’s border

Hamas has begun conducting armed vehicles patrols along Israel’s border, just two weeks after Hamas started building a border road.

Ex- Hamas interior minister Fathi Hamad described the road construction as a “window of opportunity to attack” during the beginning of the road construction. He claimed that the road will be paved 250-300 meters from the border fence with Israel.

Photos from residents in southern Israel were shown on Israeli media Thursday, showing armed-Hamas belonging to either internal security of Hamas’s military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, performing routine patrols along Israel’s border.

Hamas claimed on its official website that the IDF attempted to halt the construction, but failed to do so.

Hamas has been actively rebuilding its terror network, just last month residents of southern Israel releasing videos to the press showing masked- Hamas militants digging what seemed to be tunnels near the border with Israel.

Hamas military wing officials warned Israel this week against any further Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Last week, the Israeli Air Force conducted airstrikes following rocket attacks into southern Tel Aviv. Hamas claimed no responsibility for the attacks, and arrested rocket launchers.

In both incidents of attack, the Omar Brigaes, a Islamic terror group sympathetic to the Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the attacks. On Sunday, the group released the statement “The Jews will never enjoy security and safety as long as we are alive.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu called on international communities to address the resumption of rocket attacks, stating on Sunday,  “I did not hear a single member of the international community condemn the attack, and the UN did not say a word. I’m interested to see if the silence will continue when we act in self defense.”

Israel and Hamas are currently under a ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt.