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Guatemala opens its embassy in Jerusalem

Guatemala follows United States in relocating its embassy to Jerusalem; Embassy officially opened Wednesday morning; Morales: We feel at home because we know that the Jewish people love the Guatemalan people.

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Guatemala officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem Wednesday morning following the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

A ceremony was held at the Guatemalan Embassy attended by officials and diplomats from both states, President Jimmy Morales and Prime Minister Netanyahu both giving speeches commemorating the historic move.

Morales referred to the embassy’s relocation as the “beginning of a historic day for the Israel-Guatemalan friendship,” stating, “We are brothers. Guatemala and Israel have a 70-year-old partnership. We feel at home because we know that the Jewish people love the Guatemalan people. Your children and future generations will remember the brave state that did brave things for you because you hold a special place in our hearts.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked Guatemala and praised its history of supporting the Jewish people and its homeland. Referring to Guatemala’s support during the Partition Resolution at the United Nations in 1947, he stated “It’s not a coincidence that Guatemala is opening its embassy in Jerusalem right among the first. You were always among the first. You were the second country to recognize Israel, but you had a very important role in this because your ambassador to the United Nations, Jorge Granados, was very active in lobbying the countries at the UN at the time to support the Partition Resolution, which was effectively the recognition of the Jewish state by the United Nations.”

He added, “In his honor and the honor of Guatemala’s efforts in those days there’s a Guatemala street right here, right here, it’s about a kilometer from here in Jerusalem. There’s a Guatemala street in many cities and many communities in Israel because we remember our friends, and Guatemala is our friend then and now.”

In a sign of gratitude and unity, both the United States and Guatemala’s flags were illuminated onto the Kotel (Western Wall) next to Israel’s flag on Tuesday with messages thanking both President Morales and President Trump for their commitment to Jerusalem. Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat announced on Tuesday, “Guatemalan Embassy, welcome home! Ahead of the inauguration of the embassy, we have illuminated the walls of the Old City with the flags of Guatemala and Israel. I thank President Jimmy Morales Cabrera of Guatemala for his courageous decision and am honored that we will be opening the embassy in the capital of Israel tomorrow. I call upon other countries to join the United States and Guatemala- do the right thing and bring your embassies to the Jerusalem, our eternal capital!”

The Czech Republic, Honduras, Paraguay and Romania have all announced they will also relocate their embassies to Jerusalem.


Photo: USA, Israeli and Guatemalan flags illuminated on the Kotel, 2018