Four rockets fired from Egypt into Israel | Behold Israel

Four rockets fired from Egypt into Israel

Iron Dome intercepts three of four rockets fired into Israel from Sinai; ISIS claims responsibility for attacks; One rocket lands in open area; No injuries or damages reported

Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza Friday (Reuters)


Four rockets were fired into Eilat, Israel from Egypt on Wednesday night.

The rockets were fired from the Sinai Peninsula, the Irom Dome missile defense system downing three, the fourth landing in an open area, shrapnel from the rocket landing in a swimming pool.

No damages or injuries were reported.

The last time rockets were last fired from Egypt into Israel was in July of 2014 during Operation Protective Edge.

On Thursday an ISIS affiliated terrorist organization in Sinai claimed responsibility for the four rocket attacks on Israel Wednesday night. The terrorists reported that “A number of rockets were launched at Jewish centers in Eilat… The Jews and Crusaders should know that the war of the apostles will not save them in any way.”