Foreign Ministry Director confirms Israel thwarted arms transfer from Syria to Hezbollah

Director of FM clarifies that Israel does not interfere in Syrian war, but will not allow “the transfer of weapons that would undermine Israel’s air supremacy”

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the IDF thwarted a weapons transfer of advanced Russian made anti-aircraft missiles (SA-22) from Syria to Hezbollah.

The confirmation was made on Monday by Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director-General, Dor Gold, who stated that “We in Israel did not take sides and did not interfere in the Syrian war. We have interests that we will protect and red lines. When we saw that there are those who wanted to transfer Russian missiles from Syrian warehouses to Hezbollah, we had to disrupt that activity, and we will not allow it… Israel has not and will not allow anyone to violate its sovereignty, nor will it allow the transfer of weapons that would undermine Israel’s air supremacy.”

The confirmation comes after several reported Israeli Air Force strikes in Syria over the past few months, most operations thwarted weapons transfers to Hezbollah. Gold did not specify when the mission was carried out, however just yesterday various Syrian media outlets reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on Hezbollah targets overnight Saturday.

According to reports, over seven strikes on Hezbollah posts in the Qalamoun region were reported, Hezbollah’s Al Mayadeen denying any explosions at any of its bases. On Saturday evening, the IDF released a statement that there would be ”sounds of explosions may be heard in the Upper Galilee. These are initiated and controlled explosions that were planned in advance and not a security incident.”

There have been numerous reports of Israeli airstrikes in the Qalamoun region over the past three months. The region is a central Hezbollah location with a heavy Syrian Army presence.

Last week, Israel reportedly carried out strikes targeting the terrorist Samir Kuntar, who was responsible for the murder of Israelis Danny Haran and his daughter Einat in 1979. Kuntar, who was released as part of a deal to return the bodies of Israeli reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, was killed in the strikes, Hezbollah swearing to retaliate for the incident.

The IDF refuses to comment on such reports.