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EU officially denies reports of plans to place sanctions on Israeli banks

Following reports of sanctions on Israeli banks made in independent research report and proposed to EU, EU officially denies any plans to plans sanctions on Israeli banks


Following reports on Wednesday that the European Union received and was considering a proposal to impose sanctions on Israeli banks, the European Union denied the reports officially.

A senior official from the EU stated on Wednesday evening that the EU”have no intention of imposing restrictions on Israeli banks that do business in the settlements. This entire issue is complete nonsense. This issue has never been considered.”

The European Union will however continue in its labeling of goods from the West Bank.

A diplomat from the EU stated that the proposal was conducted by independent research and that “This is an independent research institute that has no connections to the European Union and has no more influence than any other research institute. Anyone can publish reports. It has no basis in reality. There are no plans for further legislation on this issue except for the plans to label settlement products which are moving forward, but have yet to be finalized” echoing Israel’s Foreign Ministry response amidst media reports yesterday in which the ministry responded, “Israel’s Foreign Ministry responded to the development on Wednesday stating, “This report was made by a European research institute and not the EU. We do not comment on research institute papers.”