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David’s Sling passes final round of tests ahead of deployment in 2016

Israel’s Missile Defense Org & US Missile Defense Agency perform final tests for David’s Sling; System fully operational and to be deployed in Israel in 2016


Israel’s Missile Defense Organization and the United States Missile Defense Agency announced the completion of years of development of the David’s Sling medium-range missile interceptor, Israel’s Defense Ministry stating “the final milestone before declaring delivery of an operational system to the Israeli Air Force in 2016″.

David’s Sling, or the Magic Wand, can intercept rockets and aircraft, including drones, with a range of up to 125 miles. The system is an “advanced multi-mission, multi-platform interceptor designed for insertion into integrated air and missile defense systems.”

The fourth and final round of tests (DST-4) of David’s Sling were conducted on Monday in Israel, the missile defense system officially operational and ready for deployment in Israel in 2016.

David’s Sling is one of three defense systems designed to defend Israel against rocket attacks. The Iron Dome system protects against short to medium-range rockets and just last week, Israel’s Defense Ministry and the US Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Arrow 3 missile defense system. The Arrow 3 can intercept rockets beyond earth’s atmosphere with high altitude capabilities. It can intercept more than five ballistic missiles within 30 seconds after its launch and can reach altitudes as far as over 62 miles.

David’s Sling is manufactured by both Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and U.S. firm Raytheon Co., with Israel’s Elbit Systems providing both David’s Sling and Arrow 3 with command and control technologies.

Israel’s Air Force is set to deploy four David’s Sling batteries next year, Israel’s Defense Ministry confirming that once the system is operational, further development and research will continue and that “This series of tests completes the first chapter in development and will allow us to bring the system to the Air Force soon.”