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David’s Sling missile defense system to be operational next month

“Magic Wand”, Arrow 3 and Iron Dome to all be operating together next month, as Israel completes its missile defense systems



The Israel Air Force (IAF) confirmed on Monday that the David’s Sling missile defense system will be fully operational in April. According to reports from the Defense Ministry and IAF, the system will likely be operating in two weeks time.

David’s Sling, also known as the “Magic Wand”, is a missile interceptive system used for mid-range rockets. David’s Sling can intercept rockets and aircraft, including drones, with a range of up to 125 miles. David’s Sling is part of Israel’s defense weaponry- that of the Iron Dome system and the Arrow 3.

The defense system was developed by Israel’s Rafael and the United States’ defense contractor Raytheon, with the system’s Multi Mission Radar developed by the Israeli Air Force subsidiary Elta.

In January of this year, the United States and Israel successfully completed testing of the advanced David’s Sling missile defense system. It was the system’s fifth-joint testing, both the US Missile Defense Agency and Israel’s Missile Defense Organization reporting the tests successful after days of testing in Israel.

According to the Commander of the David’s Sling Battalion, Lt.-Col. Kobi Regev, “In the next few weeks, we will complete a lengthy process of setting up a new operational body in the corps and integrating a new weapons system. The objective is to introduce a weapons system that will contribute to an improved and better-prepared air defense that will counter threats that are becoming more and more challenging by the day… The new and more advanced system, which is connected with our two older systems, the Iron Dome and Arrow missile defense system, is more relevant to the threats posed to Israeli citizens.”

The Arrow missile defense system was used ahead of the weekend when Syria fired anti-aircraft missiles, one of which was intercepted, at Israeli jets that carried out airstrikes to prevent a weapons transfer from Syria to Hezbollah.

It was the first time the Arrow missile defense system was used, Israel obtaining its first Arrow 3 interceptors mid-January.