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CEO of Orange states company “in Israel to stay”

Following the decision by Orange CEO Wednesday to end ties with Israel, Richards renounces decision

RIchards (AFP)

RIchards (AFP)

CEO of Orange, Stephane Richard, stated on Saturday that he “sincerely” regrets the company’s decision to end its branding license partnership with Israel and apologized for the “controversy”.

He denied the company’s intention end its license with Israel, stating on Saturday evening that Orange “is in Israel to stay”.

Orange Israel replied to the overturn of the decision, stating, “We have people in Israel; we are very happy to be in Israel. We have a lot of links and relationships of any kind you can imagine in Israel.”

Richard stated on Wednesday that his company intends to withdraw the Orange brand from Israel “tomorrow if possible”. The news come just as those of the UK’s National Union of Students, who through the BDS Movement passed the Motion 518 “ Justice in Palestine” 19-12, officially boycotting the State of Israel Tuesday.

Richard has been under pressure from European and Palestinian NGO’s who are calling on France’s government as well to cut ties with Israel, as the government holds a quarter stake in the company.

He stated Wednesday that the decision was not in “the interest for us is certainly not a financial interest… If you take those amounts on one side and on the other side the time that we spend to explain this, to try to find a solution and the consequences that we have to manage here but also in France, believe me it’s a very bad deal.”