Abbas orders inquiry commission and immediate repair after arson attack on Joseph’s Tomb | Behold Israel

Abbas orders inquiry commission and immediate repair after arson attack on Joseph’s Tomb

Reportedly 100 Palestinians responsible for attack, investigation under way; Terror attack thwarted near East Jerusalem checkpoint; Palestinian terrorist disguised as journalist stabs Israeli soldier


Palestinians set part of Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus on fire after throwing Molotov cocktails Thursday night. A reported 100 Palestinians were responsible for the fire at the holy site.

Palestinian security forces chased the arsonists, a search and investigation underway. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned “this irresponsible act “and ordered an inquiry commission following. Abbas also ordered the immediate repair of the site.

The Foreign Press Association stated on the attack, “We utterly deplore this violation of press privilege and call on local Palestinian media organizations to immediately verify all media credentials to ensure there are no violations. This attack was carried out by someone posing as a local Palestinian journalist. All the same, it marks a worrying development that demands that all media operate with heightened caution in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This incident is also clearly of grave concern to the Israeli security forces. As the FPA, we try to work closely with the IDF and the Border Police to ensure coordination is clear and that all dangers are minimized. We urge the continuation of that cooperation and coordination to avoid any attack like this happening again in the future.”

The attack comes after the Palestinian Authority reportedly made over 19 arrests of Hamas operatives within the West Bank.

On Friday morning, a Palestinian posing as a journalist stabbed a female IDF soldier in Hevron. The soldier, 20, was treated by Magen David Adom paramedics and was rushed to a local hospital in moderate condition. The IDF released the statement following the attack: The Palestinian assailant disguised himself as a news photographer and attacked the soldier, wounding him moderately. The soldier was evacuated for emergency medical care. Forces on site responded to the threat, shot the attacker, resulting in his death.

Additionally, a possible terror attack was thwarted after a dog-sniffing canine located a bomb near a checkpoint in East Jerusalem. The IDF in cooperation with border police are investigating the situation.