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Abbas meets with Pope Francis at Vatican

Following announcement earlier this week that the Vatican recognizes the “State of Palestine” Abbas visits with Pope Francis; Two Palestinian nuns to be canonized

Abbas with Pope Francis (EPA)

Abbas with Pope Francis (EPA)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Pope Francis on Saturday in the Vatican. The meeting comes after the Vatican announced on Wednesday that the “Holy See” recognizes “the State of Palestine”.

The agreement to recognize “Palestine” as a state is currently being finalized by a bilateral commission in which the Vatican stated it “will be submitted to the respective authorities for approval ahead of setting a debate in the near future for the signing.”

On Sunday the Pope is scheduled to canonize two Palestinian nuns, Marie Alphonsine Ghattas of Jerusalem and Mariam Bawardy of Galilee from the 19th century (Ottoman Era), the first time Palestinians will have be recognized as a saints by the Vatican.