7 Hamas militants in Gaza Strip killed in terror tunnel collapse | Behold Israel

7 Hamas militants in Gaza Strip killed in terror tunnel collapse

Hamas’s military wing confirms death of 7 militants in tunnel collapse, with 4 reportedly surviving


Hamas confirmed that 7 of its militants were killed while reconstructing a tunnel in the Gaza Strip over the weekend.


According to the terrorist organization, four survived and seven were killed when the tunnel collapsed, confirming already known reports that Hamas is actively constructing new tunnels and repairing destroyed tunnels into Israel and Egypt.


Hamas released the statement “The mujahedeen martyrs were repairing an old tunnel, from which a number of operations were executed in the [2014] war. The fathers of these martyrs should be proud. The whole world will witness the deeds of their tunnels against the [Israeli] occupier should they dare [to attack] our people and our land.”


During Operation Protective Edge over the summer of 2014, Israel’s Defense Force destroyed 32 terror tunnels, 14 of the tunnels with openings into Israeli territory. Hamas’s terror tunnel construction is financially supported by Iran and reports of funding from Hezbollah. According to reports by the IDF, each tunnel cost around $3 million to construct.