6 Israeli Bedouins arrested on suspicion of supporting Islamic State

Four of six arrested teachers; PA makes over 170 arrests of Hamas operatives in West Bank; Netanyahu: Those who try to hurt us- their blood be on their own heads.


Israel’s Shin Bet arrested six Bedouins in southern Israel in suspicion for supporting the Islamic State (ISIS).

Four of the six are teachers , all of them residents in Israel’s Negev Desert region.

The Shin Bet released the stated: The investigation uncovered that the suspects met secretly to discuss and promote Islamic State’s ideology. The hard core among the activists are employed at schools in the Negev. Some took advantage of their position and attempted to plead the case for ISIS among pupils and teachers on school premises.” They stated following the start of an ongoing investigation that, “the great majority of the Arab public in Israel opposes the Islamic State to a point of revulsion.”

The news comes just hours after the Palestinian Authority confirmed it made over arrests in the West Bank of over 170 Hamas operatives in the Palestinian territories. The arrests were made over a few days’ times, with 108 arrested in one night alone.

A representative of Fatah stated on the arrests, “If Hamas tries to test our patience and commit a terror attack that affects Palestinian security – the organization will meet with a response it cannot imagine.”

Hamas condemned the arrests stating that Palestinian security forces will become a target for “Palestinian resistance” in the West Bank.

In a ceremony honoring the IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians killed during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed local security concerns following the deadly attacks in the Sinai Peninsula last week. He stated “We’re closely monitoring the situation in the south and preparing to act with force when required to do so … Those who try to hurt us- their blood be on their own heads.”