4 rockets fired into northern Israel from Syria | Behold Israel

4 rockets fired into northern Israel from Syria

Four rockets fired into Israel; IAF responds to attacks, confirms Islamic Jihad responsible for attacks


Projectile causes wildfire

Four rockets were fired just now into northern Israel, the IDF confirming they were fired from Syria. Two of the rockets landed in the Golan Heights and two in the Upper Galilee region.

No injuries were reported.

The IDF confirmed the attacks, stating, “4 rockets were launched from the Syrian Golan Heights, landing in the upper Galilee and the Israeli Golan Heights.”

One of the projectiles landed in an open field causing a wildfire. Firefighters were deployed to the area.

The IDF is investigating the attacks and has warned residents of the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights regions to remain indoors and close to shelters.

The Israeli Air Force responded with airstrikes following the attacks on Israel, the IDF confirming that Islamic Jihad in Syria were responsible for the attacks, releasing the statement: The fire directed at Israeli terriorty a while ago was carried out by the Islamic Jihad organization, backed by Iranian funding and guidance. We hold Syria responsible for the shooting and it will also bear the consequences.