29 suspected Hamas operatives arrested overnight

Overnight raid due to increasing Hamas activity in West Bank

IDF forces in a raid in the West Back (Gili Cohen)

IDF forces in a raid in the West Back (Gili Cohen)

The IDF, Shin Bet and Israeli police arrested 29 suspected members of Hamas in Nablus in the West Bank overnight. Several of the arrests were made in the Balata refugee camp as well.

Several of the detained were previously incarcerated in Israel.

The overnight raid was carried out by hundreds of IDF soldiers from special combat and reconnaissance units. According to reports, over 40,000 NIS was confiscated from the homes of the suspects, as well as computers and cellphones.

According to the Shin Bet there has been increasing Hamas activity in the West Bank, as well as funding and instructions from Hamas cells internationally and from the Gaza Strip.