2,000 year-old flight of stairs discovered in City of David, Jerusalem | Behold Israel

2,000 year-old flight of stairs discovered in City of David, Jerusalem

Limited photos of ancient site released to public; Details of discovery to be given on Thursday at City of David Conference

Uziel on podium

Uziel on podium

A recent archaeological dig by Israel’s Antiquities in Jerusalem’s City of David found a 2,000-year-old flight of stairs in the shape of a pyramid in its latest discovery. The excavation had been underway for years.

The excavation details, which was supervised and directed by researchers Nachshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel, in cooperation with Israel’s Nature and Park Authority, were released to the public this week and just a few photos released of the discovery. Uziel stated on the podium, “It would be very interesting to know what was said there 2,000 years ago. Were messages announced here on behalf of the government? Perhaps news or gossip, or admonitions and street preaching – unfortunately we do not know

They stated that “We never found anything like it in the many digs that have occurred in Jerusalem, and as far as we know even outside of Jerusalem, and because of that it’s difficult to state its purpose with certainty.” Both Uziel and Szanton will give the details of their findings on Thursday at the City of David Foundation conference.

It is believed that perhaps pilgrims and worshippers used the stairs en route from the Pool of Siloam during the Second Temple Era. The road to the stairs was reportedly built in the fourth decade AD found close to excavation sites of the Romans Great Revolt which led to the destruction of Jerusalem.