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10 injured in terror attack at Be’er Sheva bus station

Initial reports of two terrorists; IDF soldier and Eritrean killed


Ten were wounded, an IDF soldier killed and Eritrean man killed in a terror attack in the Be’er Sheva central bus station Sunday night.

The believed Palestinian terrorist entered the bus station with a knife and began attacking people. He then stole the murdered soldier’s gun and opened fire on the victims, one of the victims being treated in serious condition and four in moderate condition. The soldier, Sergeant Omri Levy, 19, will be laid to rest Monday afternoon.

Omri Levi

Omri Levi

According to initial reports there were two terrorists, however the second believed terrorist was an Eritrean who was shot by a security officer and lynched by surrounding civilians. The man died early Monday morning.

The terrorist, an Israeli-Bedouin, was shot and killed by security forces.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the attack and its “success” stating it was a “natural response to the cold-blooded executions of Palestinians by the IDF and the settlers.”