UN gives IDF emergency medical response team highest rank globally | Behold Israel

UN gives IDF emergency medical response team highest rank globally

WHO gives Israel number 1 rank in global emergency medical response team; Israel first state to be ranked “Type 3” since creation of criteria in 2013


The United Nations World Health Organization has ranked Israel’s IDF emergency medical response team as the world leader in emergency medicine globally.

The IDF announced the ranking on Sunday, Israel’s IDF field hospital receiving the first “Type 3” classification for its field hospital and medical response team by the World Health Organization on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization gives classification types to humanitarian groups that respond to foreign natural disasters and humanitarian missions. Ranks are given from 1-3, 3 being the highest. Israel received a “Type 3 PLUS” for reaching all of the criteria plus additional technology as well as the Jewish states’ ongoing efforts and history of being a global first responder to natural disaster and humanitarian relief worldwide.

Head of Israel’s IDF field hospital, Lt. Col. Dr. Ofer Merin stated on the recognition “It was a great privilege to hear from the WHO, which is part of the United Nations, saying that other countries should come and learn from Israel first of all how to operate within the right ethical values and the right moral values in disaster areas. This is a great honor for Israel, for the IDF, and of course for the medical corps of the IDF.”

The IDF, Magen David Adom, Mashav, IsrAID, the Fast Israeli Rescue and Search Team and several independent groups and individuals contribute to Israel’s global humanitarian efforts and missions, most recently and consistently in providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and victims of the Syrian civil war. The IDF constructed a military-field hospital close to the border with Syria where hundreds have been treated, many in Israel hospitals, their identities hidden, as they would be killed for entering Israel.

Israel has sent delegations and missions to Turkey, Greece, Nepal, Haiti, the Philippines, India, Turkey, Armenia, New Guinea and El Salvador- just to name a few of their efforts. Israel is consistently the first responder to natural disaster relief, many missions and efforts also the longest remaining missions and delegations to remain in countries affected by natural disasters.