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The Middle East…. with no Christians

The ongoing struggle for Christians in the Middle East

A Christian protest against violence in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood provoke the persecution of Egypt's Coptic Christian community

A Christian protest against violence in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood provoke the persecution of Egypt’s Coptic Christian community

The numbers are truly horrifying: in Iraq in 2008 after the fall of Saddam Hussein, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, but today only 250,000 of them remain. That means that out of 1.5 million Christians, 1.28 were killed were killed or deported. In Syria 3 years ago there were 1.
5 million Christians, with only 450,000 of them remaining, as the numbers keep growing. This means that by the end of the current decade there won’t be any more Christian Arabs in the northern Middle East, an area that has turned Salafi and violent.This phenomenon is occurring also in the Palestinian Authority at full strength, and in Bethlehem there once were 90% Christians, today there are 65% Muslims. The tradition is that the mayor of the town is Christian, despite the Muslim majority, however the mayor is facing harsh persecution, also from the Fatah movement. A day is coming that there won’t be any Christians in the Palestinian Authority, with an estimated of only few tens of thousands remaining. Day to day for Hamas, Salafis and Jihad- Christians have no reason for existence. Many of them migrate to South America, where large Christian communities exist.

In Hamas-ruled Gaza, out of 2,500 Christians only few hundreds remain, the rest either fled or forcibly Muslimimized. If one day there will be an independent Palestinian territory, the Christians will be the first to pay the price, especially after the Salafis will start to take over, and its just a matter of time till all the of the Middle East undergo this crisis. Previous Arab leaders promoted the Christian community and they were in the forefront of and even contributed as leaders in the pan-Arab nationalism. Hamas tolerated them, but the Salafis are brutally cleansing them and in the country of sharia they have no place.

In Egypt 9 million are Christians (a tenth of the population), and it is estimated that 1.25 of them already immigrated since the fall of Mubarak, the remaining suffering from violence, murder, muggings and looting. They situation is very bad and the population is apathetic towards the struggle of Christians
In Lebanon there are 1 million Christians (according to national polls held this year), and we see in the past year that they are deeply oppressed. Parts of them are under Hezbollah rule (Shiite). Do they have a purpose? It is strange that this year alone the Pope was named “Man of the Year” but he has not voiced this struggle. No complaint or concern has been heard about the violence caused against Christians, his herd. Neither from the West. The United States blurted something of the struggle in Lebanon, but nothing more than that.

The concern in Israel is that this crisis has few conclusions: As the new anti-Semites busy themselves with condemning Israel and suggesting boycotts, they do not say a word about the real massacre and real deportation that occurs in the region.

There is no limit to the hypocrisy.

Where are the human rights organizations while the Middle East is being wiped of its Christian populations? Our lesson is: If we [Israel] weaken one day, the perpetrators will attempt to do the same to us. And no else in the world will help us. In the violent Middle East, for the Salafist movement, there is no place for the Christians and the Jews. They are strong and deterring the State of Israel- the only place in the Middle East that is not Muslim.

A word to the Christian community internationally: If one day the sovereignty of the Holy Sites in Jerusalem will be independently ruled by the Palestinian Authority, in a short time a religious war will break out that has been on-going in all the Arab States, and Jews and Christians will not be permitted to visit them. We see the same occurrences in Syria in the holiest places for Christians. Under Jewish sovereignty there is the freedom of worship for all, and only under the Jewish sovereignty the freedom of religion will stay.

Proof: Only in one place in the Middle East are the Arab Christians recognized with equality and religious freedom- and that is Israel. We see for the first time many of the young Christian Arab citizens want to join in alliance with the Jewish state. They already know that no one else will wait for them outside in the cold, Christian winter.
Written by Dr. Guy Behor