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Israel designs “biofilter” in newest breakthrough in water solutions

Israeli researcher in cooperation with Australia and KKL designs biofilter solution for water treatment and water storage- a solution for the over 200 million cubic meters of rainwater causing pollution in Israel

The first biofilter in Kfar Saba (KKL)

The first biofilter in Kfar Saba (KKL)

Israel has designed yet another solution for clean water treatments and conservation. Israel’s Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, or KKL), in cooperation with Australia, announced the “biofilter”- an invention by an Israeli doctorate student Yaron Zinger.

According to KKL, the biofilter treats urban runoff, which purifies rainwater by use of several layers of bacteria and vegetation to purify rainwater. The water is filtered into wells that then filter into a coastal aquifer.

The biofilter is not only a solution for water collected by city drainage systems in order to lower pollution, it is also a breakthrough in water preservation and recycling. While the biofilter in Australia purifies mainly rainwater, the biofilter in Israel is a solution for water preservation and storage of surface runoff water and rain collection. The solution will stop pollution of washed down rainwater. According to KKL, over 200 million cubic meters of rainwater are wasted annually

Zinger has been conducting his research in Australia where over 10,000 systems have been implemented. Zinger gave an example of the biofilters potential. He stated, “In Tel Aviv, two-thirds of the wells have been closed due to contamination with nitrate, but our system can overcome this pollution.”

A biofilter facility was built in Kfar Saba, Israel and harvests storm water and treats polluted groundwater. The water can be used when needed, a solution for Israel’s draught seasons.

The biofilter is just one of many water solutions created by Israel in order to address the issues of water shortage- what is known to be the largest conflict in the Middle East region. From drip irrigation, to desalinization of Dead Sea and Red Sea water in southern Israel, to wetland creations for artificial swamps, Israel is leading in the science and development of water solutions for the globe.