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Coverage of Israel should be accurate and impartial, but it’s not

An excellent article written by Eytan Gilboa about the media’s bias and inaccurate reporting on current events in Israel… One of the main reasons Behold Israel was established and why we do what we do…

Op-ed: The reporting on the attack at a Jerusalem synagogue last week was only the latest example of ongoing and shameful phenomenon of misleading and slanted coverage on Israel.



On August 2, 1982, during the First Lebanon War, the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers featured a photograph of a Lebanese baby bandaged head to foot. The caption under the photograph read: “A baby who lost both arms and was severely burned as the result of a bomb dropped by an Israeli airplane.”

At a meeting in Washington, then-US secretary of state George Shultz showed the picture to his Israeli counterpart at the time, Yitzhak Shamir, and berated him, saying: “The symbol of this war is a baby whose arms have been amputated.”

The image had a direct impact on the decision-makers, but the circumstances of the photograph and the caption were incorrect. The baby didn’t lose its arms; it was lightly injured by a shell fired by the Palestine Liberation Organization.

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