CEO of Tesla Motors visited Israel’s Mobileye for demonstration of self-driving vehicle system | Behold Israel

CEO of Tesla Motors visited Israel’s Mobileye for demonstration of self-driving vehicle system

Meeting occurred a few weeks ago as Mobileye set to begin production of its self-driving cars; General Motors increasing forces in Israel for automated driving systems


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, the American automotive and energy storage company, visited Israel a few weeks ago in order to view a demonstration of self-driving car technology innovated in Israel.

The reports released over the weekend confirm that Musk traveled to Israel in a low-key meeting with Israel’s Mobileye based in Jerusalem.

Mobileye specializes in the development of vision-based advanced driver assistance systems providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation through its “software algorithms, system-on-chips and customer application based on processing visual information for the market of driver assistance systems.” It invented and innovates its software algorithims in line with its EyeQ chip used to anticipate and avoid possible collisions. It has designed the DNN (digital neural network) which enables vehicles to learn signs, road surfaces, driving conditions and much more through data collection

The new car would avoid collision and accidents through technology and even is capable of reading traffic signs and changing lanes and parallel parking.

In 2015, Mobileye has increased developing its DAS technology that is set to launch in 2016. The technology will create the ability for autonomous driving through use of multiple “forward-facing cameras” and radar technology and is predicted to go into production as early as 2018.

Tesla Motors and Mobileye are partnered in the project with many of Mobileye’s technology used by Tesla. General Motors is reportedly also expanding its research and development in Israel, specifically in automated driving systems.

Both Tesla Motors and Mobileye refused to comment on reports of the meeting.