A word from Amir, May 24, 2017 | Behold Israel

A word from Amir, May 24, 2017

Amir’s commentary on Trump and his visit to the Middle East in light of Bible Prophecy



The same Trump so many liberals criticized for hating Muslims was given a welcome fit for a king by 50 Muslim leaders, all while knowing the US president loves the Zionist idea of the right of the Jews over their historic ancestral homeland, Zion, and their ancient capital Jerusalem.

In his own way, Trump apparently understands the Middle East more than all the Middle East analysts and political advisors. In this region, leaders respect the strong and despise a leader who weakens his allies. Arab leaders appreciate his standing with Israel because they know that by doing so he will be faithful to his promises to them as well.

They promised us after the Trump campaign that we’d see the real Trump. It’ll hurt. What happened in the end? He is the friendliest president to visit Israel in decades.

Trump told Abbas, to his face, to stop paying stipends to terrorists families.
He told the Muslim leaders, to their faces, to stop being soft on terrorists, fight and kick them out of the land they call sacred.
He told the State Department liberals, to their faces, that an acting president can visit the Western Wall even though it’s under their stupid definition of being “occupied territory”.
He told Hamas, to their face, that they are no better than Hezbollah or ISIS. Terrorists!
He told the world, right to their face, that Jerusalem is the ancient capital of the Jews.
He told the UN and the EU, to their face, that the “two state” solution isn’t the magic word and that change must come from within. And it’s NOT the Israeli side that needs to change.

Will he bring peace? No!
Will he slow events the Bible predicted? No!
Is he playing a role in the plan of God for the region? Yes!

It’s not a crime to like Trump!
It’s not a crime to be proud of America sometimes.
It’s not a crime to smile and see God in action!
Smile! We are out of here soon!