A word from Amir, May 22, 2017 | Behold Israel

A word from Amir, May 22, 2017

Amir’s commentary on Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia in light of Bible Prophecy



Trump’s speech at Saudi Arabia was a speech dedicated to the fight in global Islamic terrorism. He wasn’t there to praise Islam as the best religion in the world, but rather encourage the moderate Sunni countries to denounce terror and fight it themselves from within.

We often speak of the countries that are going to attack Israel in Ezekiel 38-39, yet we neglect to look at those that will NOT attack and even more so – will criticize it. What we saw today [May 21] is the exact “other side” of that coming war.

Trump is NOT a globalist and surely isn’t suspected of being a Muslim. Trump wasn’t elected to cancel Bible Prophecy nor was he chosen to postpone or delay it. He is doing his part in world’s history and may I say – he is there against the will of the One World Government gang of Europe’s elite and Soros.

God is doing His part in allowing world events. You do your part in preparing yourself to be out of here. And in the meantime instead of analyzing every word that Trump is delivering in a speech – share the gospel and be a watchman!

One things for sure – crying out that Trump is wrong isn’t going to be smart. Trump isn’t the Messiah! He isn’t even a pastor or a professed born again Christian. Yet the liberal world hates him and eventually will want the antichrist. Not from the USA, but rather from Europe. Not now but rather after the coming war.

Awaiting His Return.