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Keep your eyes on Damascus

Amir’s commentary on Damascus in light of Bible Prophecy

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A few years ago I started talking about Damascus in my messages.

At the time, most people around the world never even heard of the name of that city.

The world was exposed for the first time to the name and the explosive dynamics of that area only during the summer of 2013. It was then that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian army to kill innocent civilians who lived in the rebels-controlled area of Damascus.

As of today, close to 100 tons of unaccounted chemical weapons caches are still missing even after the world boasted that a deal to clean Syria from such was achieved.

Through out this week, reports from Syria claimed several Israeli airstrikes were carried out in two verified locations. Reports later proved the targets were believed to have been a possible arms transfer of air-defense missiles for Hezbollah.

Reports following claimed two Hezbollah officials were killed in the airstrikes, confirming the attempted arms transfer and/or Hezbollah involvement.

Israel’s striking weapon caches, preventing weapons transferals to terrorist organizations as well halting Syria’s nuclear developments began as early as 2007.

Israeli intelligence and the Mossad have been closely monitoring Syrian weapons developments as well as its nuclear program. In 2001, Israel’s monitoring became stricter with the rise of Bashar Assad as well as increased relations between Syria and North Korea and later Iran.

In September of 2007, Israel carried out Operation Orchard, which consisted of airstrikes on a suspected nuclear reactor in the Deir ez-Zor region in Syria. The International Atomic Energy Agency held a full-scale investigation in 2009 in which they found evidence of uranium and evidence of a previously existing nuclear reactor.

Tensions between Israel and Syria worsened in 2006 during the Lebanon War with the beginning of increased diplomatic and arms relations between Syria and Iran, Syria began an alliance with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

As a result Israel has performed repeated airstrikes on attempted arms shipments from Syria to Lebanon (Hezbollah).

This year alone Israel, though unconfirmed by the IDF or Israel government struck several weapons caches and prevented weapons transfers to Hezbollah.

In January, Israel reportedly targeted Russian S-300 missiles.

On February 24th Lebanese news agencies reported that Israel carried out two airstrikes on the Syrian-Lebanese border. A report from the Lebanese newspaper Al Arabiya reported that two Israeli warplanes struck Hezbollah targets in the towns of Janta and Yahfoufa near the border.

Days later, a senior Israeli official confirmed the Israeli Air Force strike on an attempted convoy transport from Syria into Lebanon Monday night. The convoy was attempting to transport surface-to-surface missiles from Syria into Lebanon.

On June 23rd of this year, The Israeli Air Force responded to an explosion caused by a missile into Israel. The Israeli Air Force then reportedly attacked nine Syrian military positions.

While Israel tends to not confirm reports of attacks, Prime Minister Netanyahu and previous Israeli officials have made it clear that the State of Israel will do all in must to protect its citizens as well as prevent the arming of terrorist organizations openly calling for the destruction.

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz stated when asked if Israel was involved in the most recent of attacks that Israel’s government has a “firm policy of preventing all possible transfers of sophisticated weapons to terrorist organizations.”

The Bible makes it very clear that somehow Damascus will be destroyed. Isaiah 17:1 suggests that it will cease from being a city.

Please keep your eyes on Damascus as Iran and Syria are playing with fire and neither Israel nor the rebels are going to sit quietly. Who is going to destroy Damascus?

We can only guess but not know, as the Bible is quiet.