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India to purchase Israeli missiles over US Javelin

India announces the purchase of 8,000 anti-tank guided missiles from Israel, cancels previous efforts for sales from US Javelin

PM Netanyahu and Indian PM Modi

PM Netanyahu and Indian PM Modi

Following my previous article about the new era of Israel-India relations since the new popular Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected, we can’t ignore the fact that under President Obama America is losing its political strength world-wide.

In light of these two facts, we are watching a very important weapons deal that might bring the rising tension between Israel and the White House to some new heights.

India will purchase 8,000 of Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile. The announcement was made Saturday. India, the world’s largest arms buyer, rejected an offer to purchase the United State’s Javelin missiles. The United States has been lobbying for the purchase for some time.

The Spike missile was produced by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and is man-portable.

The purchase is a result of India’s Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s efforts to increase India’s security and increase relations with Israel. Modi’s government has been active since May 2014, his government focused on combatting increased tensions with Pakistan and China.

Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley stated to the country’s procurement panel that India’s “national security is the paramount concern of the government. All hurdles and bottlenecks in the procurement process should be addressed expeditiously so that the pace of acquisition is not stymied.”

India will reportedly pay $525 million for the missiles that will include 300 launchers.